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★HMD & Contact★

Give it to me! I can take it...because I totally have no confidence on this one.

IP off.
Anon on.

That's all I need to do righhht?

/screen comments...orz

Mun Contact~
AIM: GothicLolitaness
MSN: SweetbitterBeauty@hotmail.com
Plurk: SweetbitterCandy

Profile Meme / Character Relationships/ Timeline



★Relationship Post★

★→ affection → 3 stars mean he trusts you, 4 stars: you're close, 5 stars: this friendship is unbreakable
☂→ dislike → It should be hard to get on his dislike side...really ._______. 1: slight annoyance, 3+: actual disliking going on.
❀→ crush → (hey saki, is he allowed? ffff)
❤→ love → you know he'll just come back to you :<
→ neutral → no real opinion
✂→ dropped characters →♨ if they were picked back up but by a different mun (no memory of Somarium)

★Voice Mail★

How unfortunate that I, Kida Masaomi, missed the phone call of a pretty lady out there!

Remember to leave a message so we can get back to our ~love~.

And if by SOME special case this is a guy, then.........leave a message if it's important.

[ic or ooc in the title :D]



Hellllo Somarium~ I would like to announce that today is a ~very~ important day! So important that the whole world should know about it!

[HAVE A FACE FULL OF KIDA -- in the morning. Don't be cranky now. he sure seems excited.
Why does he look serious all of a sudden?]

No, forget about Fathers Day. That's not it. [His father wasn't the best anyways so eh. 

... ANNND HES HAPPY AGAIN.] Instead I'll give you three choices.

One. MY BIRTHDAY!  Two. MY BIRTHDAY! And three

[He laughs...but suddenly stops. Aii, if only Mikado and Anri were here to hear his lame jokes.But now isn't the time to think about such things, he was making an announcement. He manages another smile but not knowing what to say he ends it like that...

Lame, hopefully no one caught on to that part.]


Ahhh~ Such a nice day isn't it? The sun is out, the birds are chirping, and everything is beautiful right~~~?

[He's looking extra bright and cheerful today, and for a moment it even looks as if this video has no actual point to it. There's a pause.]

While this may be just a little late there is a certain girl by the name of Saki Mikajima that I would like to speak about. Through trial and errors I have found my match~ my match in love~. She is my ~princess~ and I, Kida Masaomi, couldn't be anymore happier.

[And just after he says this there is a flicker of a faint soft smile, because he actually could be happier...if Mikado and Anri were here. But well, that's not the point right now. He's happy in terms of love.

He smiles brightly.]
So I'm here to apologize to all the unfortunate ladies of Somarium that have been fighting over my boyish charm. Yes! I understand this will be a hard time for you ladies but just know that you're all a perfect 10's even if you cannot be the one in my heart!
[Annnd after that announcement the feed seems to shut off from there~

filtered to Izaya Orihara;Collapse )